Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Electronics Manufacturers

As you bring an exciting new device to market, or think about improving your last-mile deployment and maintenance solutions for your existing products, consider choosing Goodman Solutions to help. With several thousand last-mile, white-glove technicians and our specialized electronics-focused logistics solutions, we help get your networking and IoT devices delivered and deployed to your valuable customers.

We have helped countless manufacturers increase their market-share with our scaled and efficient model. And, when a product doesn’t work as planned, we can provide the spares, tier 1 & 2 NOC/call center and RMA processing for electronics that is responsive to your customers when they most need responsiveness.

Electronics Retailers

Our technicians and our Closed-Loop Logistics processes are optimized to fit the needs of electronics retailers. We provide a unique scope of services, helping with all background logistics as well as supplying last-mile, impeccable customer support at your customer's home or business.

These technicians have all been specially trained on your products and can provide impeccable customer support in your customer’s home. Acting as your brand ambassador and product expert for customers, our technicians are prepared to answer any product questions, install and service your products, when necessary.

To help with the distribution of your products, we have a main warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee and 58 other locations across the country to help facilitate forward logistics including storage, staging and kitting. To distribute your products from our storage facilities directly to your customers, we have access to a fleet of over 2,000 trucks and technicians. When our technicians deliver and install your product, we call that integrated delivery. We provide integrated delivery on over 90 percent of our jobs annually.

In the unavoidable situation of post-installation home network issues or new equipment failures, Goodman Solutions has a Network Operations Center and call center that are available 24/7. This allows us to quickly trouble-shoot issues and provide timely support to your customers. If an issue cannot be fully addressed remotely, Goodman can quickly dispatch a technician to the site to assess the problem, fix it or implement your RMA process almost immediately. We pride ourselves on taking quality service seriously and have a track record for effectively solving issues.

Media and Tech Companies

Annually, Goodman Solutions deploys or provides maintenance on tens of thousands of network elements and over 6 million pieces of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). During projects, we prioritize high quality service. Goodman Solutions is a TL 9000 registered company.

With over 2,000 in-home technicians, we are fortunate to be one of the largest CPE workforces in the US. This team provides a wide range of in-home network services, including broadband, wireless, IoT, audio/visual/home security installations and maintenance calls, over 1.4 million times a year.