Skilled Workforce

Goodman Solutions

White-glove in-home technicians

Completing over 1.4 million installation and service calls annually, our Goodman Solutions technicians provide your customers with impeccable network knowledge and customer service. Goodman Solutions technicians can assist with a range of in-home services including product delivery, installation, troubleshooting and repair. Each Goodman Solutions technicians is trained specifically in your product or service, to ensure they can act as a product expert and answer every question your customer may have. In the event of a product question, problem or return, Goodman Solutions’ Network Operations Center (NOC) and call center can directly engage tier 1 and tier 2 support calls and, when required, dispatch one of our Goodman Solutions technicians to your customer’s home to confirm the situation, fix the problem or begin the return process (including potentially delivering a replacement device) and then route the defective product back to our Network Integration Center (NIC) to be further assessed, repaired and returned to the refurbished inventory.

When paired with our Closed-Loop Logistics process, the work of our Goodman Solutions technicians ensures your customers are treated with care and to timely, quality service.

Goodman Solutions installs and services a wide range of in-home electronics:

  • Broadband (including wired, fixed wireless and satellite)
  • Home Theater & Audio/Visual
  • Home Security
  • Wifi & Networking
  • Lighting & Thermostat
  • IoT Devices

Advanced Products

Last mile commercial solutions

Goodman Solutions offers last mile solutions for office and other commercial locations, handling all electronics installation, instruction and maintenance required. Our most experienced on-premise technicians, known as our Advanced Product technicians, handle over 5,000 commercial technology tickets annually. Trained specifically to handle the unique needs of commercial office locations, our Advanced Products teams have years of experience in customer service and prioritize the highest level of accuracy, punctuality and time management.

Goodman Solutions’ Advanced Product technicians are supported closely by our internal resource team, which is responsible for project management and the logistics needs of each unique program. Our resource team has multiple years of experience handling small to large scale deployments which includes planning, pre-deployment preparation, implementation, and material handling.

Our Advanced Products team can maintain and install products including:

  • Digital Signage solutions
  • Commercial Satellite
  • Satellite Backhaul Systems
  • Cellular Repeaters