Residential and Commercial Services

Precision customer experience for on-site installation and maintenance

Goodman Solutions supports e-tailers, electronics manufacturers and OEMs with a full suite of field service support including logistics management and on-premise technical support through our Brand Partner Program. Our priority is to offer our Brand Partners with full-service logistics and field service support while staying true to each brand’s unique promise.

As one of the largest and most respected field service companies in the country, Goodman Solutions differentiates itself through our employee based workforce, flexible logistics solutions, and a relentless focus on supporting your customers with best-in-class customer experience.

Large Scale W2 Workforce

With over 2,000 W2 employee workforce, Goodman Solutions is able to offer unmatched consistency and quality in all major markets. Today, Goodman Solutions extends our Brand Partner’s reach to their customers with “last mile” and even “last 50”  solutions across the majority of the continental US.

All Goodman Solutions technicians are employees of our organization and go through a rigorous onboarding process including background checks, driving record checks, interviews, soft skill training and customer specific brand and technical training. Goodman Solutions equips each tech with the tools needed for each program that they work on, including late model fleet vehicles, specifically chosen to help our technicians work seamlessly on their assigned program. This is much more than a typical delivery service.


Simplified Logistics through Unified Delivery and Service

Goodman Solutions’ creates a simplified process for last 50 feet delivery, creating seamless solutions for end customers and reducing complexity for our Brand Partners. Goodman Solutions’ include Unified Delivery and Service – our technicians pick products up from the warehouse, deliver them to customers, fully setup and teach customers how to use the product and when necessary coordinate the removal and even recycle/reclamation of existing products. This one-trip delivery and setup process helps to improve customer satisfaction, reduces logistics costs and even reduces product returns.

In addition to offering setup and installation programs, Goodman Solutions also offers maintenance and upgrade programs for our customers. Goodman Solutions’ service calls include new installations as well as maintenance and upgrades to existing in-home or office products. Maintenance and upgrade programs include network repair and troubleshooting and appliance repair programs

Best In-Class Customer Satisfaction through Measurable, Safe and Quality Performance

Our priority is providing the best experience possible for your customer. Goodman Solutions believes that great customer service begins with proper technician training and can continually be improved upon through metric- based improvements.

Goodman Solutions’ training department focuses on providing program specific training to each technician assigned to a specific Brand Partner’s specific goals. Through close collaboration , we create product and brand-specific product and soft skills training. This helps us ensure that our technicians provide your customers with knowledgeable and brand-consistent in-home support. This training is provided through initial in-person training sessions with a Goodman Solutions trainer as well as through continual, online training updates through our Learning Management System.


Actionable Data

Goodman Solutions offers our Brand Partner’s 360 degree visibility including: Real time tracking, Technician profiles, Photographic capture, and the ability to provide a customized checklist of brand specific requirements. Goodman and our partners can continually assess the program’s success through our automated online dashboards with detail down to the individual transaction. These dashboards track the data that is most important to our customers including Net Promoter Scores, Mean Time, First Time Complete and other defined metrics. Using these metrics, Goodman Solutions continually improves, driving overall satisfaction and upsell opportunities.

Expert Systems

To make programs as efficient as possible, Goodman Solutions utilizes a full suite of logistics and field service systems. These systems create scheduling, Route Optimization and dispatch efficiency to reduce downtime for our technicians and service customers faster. Additionally, Goodman Solutions programs track inventory at truck level and create automated close out packages for greater insight into supply levels and inventory locations across all program markets.

Goodman Solutions also offers point of sale capabilities on technician handhelds. This ability offers Brand Partners an option for added revenue while also offering  impacting customer satisfaction by fulfilling additional needs while on site


What this means for your company?

Modern brands are facing challenges as products become more tech infused. Products are more complex, yet installations are more than “plug and play”. Crazy as it may seem, devices that are “smart”, are not necessarily “simple” to set up. Many new tech infused products boast a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ease of integration. It is somewhat counterintuitive, but it is quite a bit of work to get smart products to provide the full array of benefits they are designed to produce.  Ultimately, many consumers feel way too much friction when dealing with the integration of their new tech and find themselves frustrated and many times just give up on the product. The result is a low Quality-of Experience (QOE) and disappointment. This is a major obstacle to innovative brands as today’s fast-moving consumer will quickly turn away from products that disappoint them. This is particularly frustrating when you consider how much time, effort and money are invested in developing the next new tech. Making matters worse is a lightning fast feedback loop that quickly sours a consumer (or even an entire brand) over something seemingly minor in setup or installation. This can be disastrous for the brand. Goodman’s dedicated workforce takes the friction out of the customer experience. Large national  coverage, W2 employee technicians, world class training, 360 degree visibility and bespoke solutions custom crafted for each Brand Partner make Goodman ideal for brands seeking high quality solutions.

Today, Goodman offers programs supporting:

Video & Audio

Smart Home & ioT

Networking & Security


Appliance Repair & Installation