How does Goodman Solutions work with Pros?
Goodman Solutions provides jobs for bid by Service Pro as they become available
What Insurance is required?
Minimum Coverages Required:

  • Coverage Type: General Liability
  • Occurrence Limit: $1,000,000
  • Aggregate Limit: $2,000,000
  • Additional Insured: Goodman Networks Inc., dba Goodman Solutions
What if I don’t carry my own Insurance?
During the Registration Process, you must provide your own insurance. Insurance companies may be searched online- below is a list of potential companies:

What information do I need to register?
You will need:

  • A picture ID
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Contact information
  • W-9 & applicable licenses
  • Pass a background check and Drug Screen if required by an end customer
  • Bank account and routing numbers
How long does the Sign-Up Process take?
The Sign-Up Process is estimated to take up to 10 days.
How do I check my Registration Status?
You will receive email updates throughout the process. If you need to receive an update or update any information from your registration, please use the “Support” icon.
What is a Goodman Solutions’ Requirement Standard?

Goodman Solutions provides Requirement Standards to help you complete jobs within the scope of work provided by end customers. Generally, it takes about 2-3 hours to review various Standards.  Goodman Solutions also has other helpful resources available that you can review at any time.

How much will I earn using the Goodman Solutions platform?

Goodman Solutions cannot provide an estimate on earnings, as it depends on the number of jobs you accept and the complexity of the jobs. Please refer to the Rate Card under “Resources”. However, depending on how you select available jobs (proximity to one another), a Pro can complete multiple jobs per day.

What do I need to know before I start my first job?
You are an independent professional, sometimes with a state or local license, accepting open jobs to complete for consumers at the rates set forth in the Rate Card. Certain end customers have particular scopes of work that are detailed in Goodman Requirements Standards that you will need to review before starting a particular open job.   You can review other available Goodman resources as you see fit.  Once you have passed a background check and drug screen and are eligible to bid on jobs, a Goodman Representative will contact you to ensure you are ready to accept your first job.
What are COVID Protocols?
Goodman Solutions has COVID Protective Procedures and a COVID Task Force in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Although the following link is geared towards Goodman Solutions’ W-2 workforce, it provides independent Pros valuable information: https://www.goodmansolutions.com/covid-19/
What if my accepted job takes longer than the estimated duration?
Goodman Solutions pays by the job which vary in estimated duration. You are responsible for your own time management. Please see “Resources” for Best Practices to effectively use your time while completing jobs.
Can I re-watch a Requirement Standard or other available material?
If you need further material, please use “Support” to request additional information.
Are there any resources to help complete a job?

Use “Resources” for best practices If you need further material, please use “Support” to request additional information.

How do I receive jobs?

Once you are an approved Service Pro – you will log into third party app to view jobs available to you and bid on these jobs.

How do I log into app?
Helpful links can be found within “Resources”. Login information will be provided via email. If you have further questions, please use “Support”.
How do I maintain a 5 Star Rating?

Pros with the highest ratings tend to put consumers first, show up on time, finish a job correctly on time, clean up after themselves, and remain professional and kind while performing jobs.

When will I get paid?
You will be paid 7-14 days after completing a job. You will have the opportunity to add a bank routing and account number when you sign up so payments can be direct deposited.


If you want to receive payment via PayPal, Venmo, or via another app please inquire through “Support” tab

How often should I check for open jobs?
As often as you like. Open jobs are generally available to bid on two days before the date they need to be completed.
What supplies do I need?

It depends on the job. Most of the time you need a few simple tools, some fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, tape, etc. Please see the Requirements Standards are helpful.

What can I wear?
Consumers expect a professional appearance. Higher ratings may be generated when you look the part, wear booties, respect COVID protocols, etc.  This is your business and you should present yourself accordingly.